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Ricapil Quick ® and the innovative technology Vibroschiuma ® is a convenient and effective way to slow down the thinning hair and promote new growth. Thanks to the innovative technology applied for VIBROSCHIUMA ®, the daily use of Ricapil Quick ® is quick and easy. The system VIBROSCHIUMA ® is much more comfortable with the usual vials that are on the market because it allows the product to be absorbed immediately so it does not drip, non-greasy hair and gives a pleasant feeling of well-being fresh.   The application system in VIBROSCHIUMA ® combined with the formula Panaxine ®, both designed and patented by the University of Ferrara, make that the active ingredients penetrate the skin up to 28% more than other products on the market, making it very Ricapil Quick ® more effective. There are four reasons that contribute to Ricapil Quick ® is the most innovative product against hair loss: It stimulates the natural regrowth Stop the fall makes the hair stronger and more vital Gives hair shine and beauty

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