How do I quickly search for a product? If you already know the name or part of the product you want, you can use the internal search engine . And ' possible to buy on DIGITAL OFFICE ELECRTRONIC ( ) a product not listed in the catalog or on the way? It All clients can also buy any other product and service on the market even if not specifically described in the above our  DIGITAL OFFICE ELECTRONIC ( ) including and above all products for the health and feetness of ' individual, including supplements , vitamins , cosmetics , beauty products , etc. . , excluding only gender expressly pharmaceutical products ( medicines over the counter and with oblige prescription ) and any other product of which is legally prohibited free trade without restrictions , electronic , and retail that all ' wholesale (drugs, counterfeit money , confidential documents , etc). Customers can place an order and pay for products and services not expressly described in our site DIGITAL OFFICE ELECTRONIC ( ) from ' special page of '' Various Products and Services '' , paying in one of the procedures provided for the ' full amount of the cost of products or services ordinatici and indicating , in the white space dedicated to the comments on orders and shipments , the name and possibly the code of the ' item of the product or service they wish to receive and which possibly you have previously requested information on the type, brand and the same cost via email or by contacting one of our call center .. What kind of warranty does DIGITAL OFFICE ELECRTRONIC ( ) ?All products sold on DIGITAL OFFICE ELECRTRONIC ( ) are supplied with documentation and manufacturer's warranty ( for consumers at least 24 months in accordance with the law). How do I get confirmation of my order , the shipment of the products and receive my invoice? All communications DIGITAL OFFICE ELECRTRONIC ( ) will reach you via email at the address you press , so be sure that the spam filter does not block emails DIGITAL OFFICE ELECRTRONIC ( http:// ) ( we recommend that you added to the list of allowed senders or friends) how much is shipping to one or more products in ITALY and in all other countries of the world and how do I include this cost in the basket? The cost of shipping in Italy for one or more products with no limit to the number and weight of € 9.90 , for shipments to all other countries around the world choose and include the shipping cost for your country from the page CHOOSE DESTINATION SHIPPING COST AND PRODUCTS IN ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD of the 11th link in the menu categories to place your left. THE CHOICE AND INCLUSION IN THE SHOPPING CART THE COST OF SHIPPING IN EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD ( EXCLUDING ' ITALY ) AND ' MANDATORY AND MUST ORDER ' L ' ORDER IS VALID. What are the forms of payment available on DIGITAL OFFICE ELECRTRONIC ( ) ? Currently , the forms of payment are : Credit Card , Bank Transfer , Post Pay and PayPal. Payment by credit card is safe ? Yes, at the time of the transfer of your purchase data to the Italian Post Office , the service provider of online payment by credit card , DIGITAL OFFICE ELECRTRONIC ( ) protects you through a system of encrypted data transmission SSL certificate from Carta Si , in addition, remember that DIGITAL OFFICE ELECTRONIC ( ) will never be in possession of your credit card number (which will pass only on a secure server) and your personal information requested under the order are collected and processed only in order to meet the expressed requirements of the customer and will not under any circumstances and no license to third parties . How much does the home delivery ? The shipping cost is proportional to the total weight and volume , as well as the number of packages (parcels ) that make up your order. E ' can be viewed at any time the price including shipping charges, simply by inserting the product in shopping cart purchase and continuing until the summary screen. What is the tracking number ? It is a number of ships , with which it is possible to know the exact location of the package.         DIGITAL OFFICE ELECRTRONIC ( ) makes available , automatically , the tracking number in the e- mail confirmation of shipment. With this code, you just need to consult your Order History on our website DIGITAL OFFICE ELECRTRONIC ( ) to check the status of delivery ( the carrier makes available the tracking service only after about 24 hours of confirmation final order ) . How long does it take for delivery ? Normally, for deliveries in Italy in remote areas do not have enough three days in special cases up to a week for delivery to a European country 10 days, and 15 days for all other continents. ( excluded from the calculation on holidays and Saturdays ) . If you are not at home at the time of delivery , what happens? Concurrently with the delivery of products purchased, DIGITAL ELECTRONIC OFFICE ( ) , or the ' company and our supplier partners send the customer an email containing all the details of delivery , including tracking number (tracking) , name of the courier who was entrusted with the merchandise , etc. .. Following the attached link , you can connect to the courier's website , so check the exact status of the delivery and to know the designated branch , which they may call directly to agree on the withdrawal of the goods in person . How do I make the defective goods ? Just get in touch with our assistance , using our automated service to request assistance from the contact page of our website ELECTRONIC DIGITAL OFFICE ( ) , or by contacting us at one of our call centers. We will not accept returns unless agreed : in these cases therefore always contact our after-sales service that will quickly provide you with all the information on how to return the goods to DIGITAL ELECTRONIC OFFICE ( ) , or all ' company and our supplier partners who made the delivery and terms of repayment . And ' protected the confidentiality of personal data? The personal information requested under the order are collected and processed in order to meet the expressed requirements of the customer and will not be disclosed to third parties except for that purpose only and and to meet its legal obligations and in no other respects and for no another title. DIGITAL OFFICE SERVICES AND INTERNET POINT . guarantees its customers the respect of rules on the processing of personal data covered by the Privacy Code referred to in Legislative Decree 196 of 30.06.03. 25.Titolare of the treatment to which you can also ask any and send your complaint is: DIGITAL OFFICE SERVICES AND INTERNET POINT - VIA DOMENICO Trentacoste 44 90143 PALERMO (PA) - ITALY Email: