DIGITAL OFFICE ELECTRONIC( is your new E-commerce site in our online store and retail store DIGITAL SERVICES OFFICE AND INTERNET POINT, your new e-commerce site in 2012 that aims to win more customers every part of the world, without geographical limitations, thanks to the QUALITY 'AND CONVENIENCE of its products and its services SAFETY online sales and shipping and intends to become your website where you can search, choose and buy all of your items with excellent brands at the lowest prices directly from home, from 'office, or from' hotel where you are on vacation, securing and guaranteeing you all our care, reliability, professionalism, safety and convenience. In DIGITAL OFFICE ELECTRONIC ( all you can find and buy your products not only electronics: from products for the health and beauty of the body, equipment and audio equipment (radio, speakers, Hi - Fi Readers CD, I-pod, MP3, MP4) to air conditioners, heaters and stoves, products, stationery, books, articles and electricity to small and large appliances, to cameras, to personal computers and computer products, telephony (mobile phones, GPS, transceivers, mobile phones and voip), Articles TV and Video (televisions, camcorders, consoles, DVD players, home theater, digital media players and video games), watches and clocks, models and toys to electronics, to our tourist services for travel in Italy and all 'foreign (tickets, rail, sea, Hotels, Packages Flight + Hotels, Cruises, Vacations Holidays and Travel in Pullman) and computer (sold domains and create websites). We at DIGITAL OFFICE ELECTRONIC ( we are on the web pages we named and dedicated both on Facebook, and on LinkedIn new portal, to create and maintain a continuous, constant and excellent relationship with all our customers and fans and to offer them deals and discounts even more attractive and unique. We at DIGITAL ELECTRONIC OFFICE ( we offer a complete service, remaining always at your disposal both in pre-sales, giving you advice on your purchases, both in the post-sale, quickly and correctly solving any of your problem related to products purchased from our store. In our call center we are always at your disposal for any questions and always thanks to our suppliers we offer finally also a wide range of services make even more complete and interesting your shopping experience: extended warranties, installation, withdrawal Charity and delivery by appointment are just some of the services offered by DIGITAL OFFICE ELECTRONIC ( In addition, if you experience any problem related to items already delivered (non-conforming product or damaged, missing items, etc..) Our website DIGITAL OFFICE ELECTRONIC( has an online service request assistance to resolve your any problem with our products and services. Come and purchase of DIGITAL OFFICE ELECTRONIC ( DIGITAL OFFICE ELECTRONIC ( QUALITY 'AND CONVENIENCE!