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Product no.: JVAUR168

Carradio with DAB tuner. CD Player, Dual AUX input and USB input. »Type: single DIN »Output Pre-Out: The radio has 1 output Pre-Out. »Type of player: CD Tuner.

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Product no.: JVAUR164

Tune-reader USB / CD - Bluetooth wireless - Front Aux - Power OS-FET 50W x 4 - MP3 / WMA compatible with ID3 Tag / WMA (CD / USB) - RDS - Radio tuner - Detachable Front Panel - 3-band parametric equalizer - backup Storage - CD text.

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Product no.: MJAUR110

Car Radio - Power 45x4 - usb and aux front - pre Release - sd card - CD / MP3 player - Plays WMA - 4-band EQ - Detachable Faceplate - Blue buttons - 1 din - RDS - Security system with detachable front panel - anti-shock on cd .

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Product no.: SOAUR214

Carradio Sony CDX-G1000U. Tuner Bands: FM, LW, MW. Display Type: LCD. Colour of product: Black. Output Power: 4x 55W. Dimensions (WxDxH): 178 x 177 x 50 mm

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Product no.: PIAUR160

CD Tuning- player MP3 / WMA with RDS, MOSFET50, front AUX, display white, red buttons - Power MOSFE3T 4x500 W - Detachable Faceplate - output aux-in illuminated - Input for steering wheel remote control - Displays Cyrillic Characters - Cellular telephone auto muting.

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Product no.: MJAUR107

Carradio with CD Reader da 1 DIN, USB entry and SD Card, compatible MP3 and WMA, funzione Antishock function , PLL digital radio , anti-theft led , AUX-IN entry , Black color . » Tipology: 1 DIN Carradio » Pre-Out exit: 1Pre-Out exit » Type of Reader: Compatible MP3 CD READER

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Product no.: MJAUR118

CARRADIO BLUETOOTH RDS FM / STEREO FM PLL DIGITAL ELECTRONICS - CD / MP3 PLAYER - INPUTS USB, SD / MMC CARD - FRONT PANEL TRUCK WITH REMOVABLE PROTECTIVE CUSTODY - FM Radio RDS / FM Stereo - Digital LCD Display with Level meter - PLL Digital Electronics Preset 18FM (6FM1-6FM2-6FM3) - Auto Tuning AMS - Auto Tuning Seek Up / Dn - Manual Tuning Up / Dn - Control Electronic Volume / Treble / Bass / Balance / Fader - Power Button, Banda, selection, Mode, Reset button and release panel - system with Radio Data System: PI: identification PS Programme Service name AF program: List of Alternative Frequencies TP traffic Programme TA traffic Announcement PTY: Programme Type EON: traffic information with EON - Clock time - Compact disc player and MP3 - Function electronic Anti-shock 30 sec. CD - 60 sec. MP3 - Play, Pause, Repeat Track, Play Intro, Random - Command Forward / Back track, Loading eject the disc automatically - USB Input and SD / MMC card - Includes remote control - Chassis DIN ISO - ISO Connector - System Front Panel Removable folding with case - Dual RCA Pre Out (Front - Rear)

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Product no.: PIAUR162

CD Tuner Pioneer DEH-1600UBB. Tuner Bands: AM, FM, FM band: 87.5 - 107.9 MHz Band AM: 530-1710 kHz. Display Type: LCD. Colour of product: Black. Output Power: 200W. Supported audio formats: MP3, WAV, WMA

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Product no.: SOAUR216

CAR-RADIO CDXG3100UV.EUR 4x55W, CD-R / CD-RW / MP3 / WMA / AAC + Front USB iPod / iPhone (1 wire), Front Aux-In, Music Playback for Android phones, USB and Aux-in with integrated lighting , Digital Clarity Tuner, QuickBrowZer, 2 outputs PreOut (Rear + Sub)

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Product no.: LGAUR036

Car Stereo CD Tuner - Features: 50Wx4 - RDS - CD - MP3 - USB - Radio FM antenna - 3D sound - cd player - Recording to SD card - front aux input - Compatible with iPhone / iPod - 2-way control for Iphone / Ipod - WMA - Application of remote control LG Car - Bass Booster - frequency Search Auto / Manual - CD TEXT

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Product no.: SOAUR191

Digital multimedia Receiver. Power 4 xes 52 W. ZAPPIN. Quick-BrowZer. 2 USB connections. Display to 4 lines. 2 Pre-Out exits from 4 V. Jail cell Yendo in Bundle. Black color. » Typology: Single DIN » Pre-Out exit : 2 Pre-Out exits from 4 Vs - For the expansion of the system: you can add amplifiers, subwoofer and boxes. » Reader's type: Autoradio without CD, with integrated tray that allows to connect any type of reader of digital supports. Black color

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Product no.: SOAUR210

Car-radio with reader CD/MP3, 55W xes 4, Usb and frontal Aux, radio AM/FM, iPod and iPhone ready, radio AM/FM, Dark Titanium color » Typology: Single DIN » Pre-Out exit : 2 Pre-Out exit » Reader's type: CD and Mp3 Reader

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Product no.: SOAUR198

Carradio with CD/MP3/WMA reader , 4x 52W, AUX and frontal USB, iPod direct control street USB, preamp out, Bluetooth, blue or red illumination of the keys, Black color » Typology: Single DIN » Pre-Out exit : 1 Pre-Out exit » Reader's type: CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Reader

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Product no.: SOAUR184

Car Stereo CD tuner MEXN5000BT.EUR 4x55W, CD-R / CD-RW / MP3 / WMA / AAC, 2 Remote App (connect and interact with phones: voice recognition via BT with Android phones; interaction with Siri cable with iPhone), technology NFC, Bluetooth (Access to the address book of your mobile phone, it displays the caller's name, Streaming music files wireless, handsfree wireless), Dynamic Color Illuminator, external microphone included, Front USB + iPod / iPhone (1 wire), USB and Aux-in with integrated lighting, Front Aux-In, Advanced Sound Engine (7 Band Digital EQ, filter LP / HP, Dynamic Loudness, time Alignment, Rear Bass Enhancer), Digital Clarity Tuner, ClearAudio +, Zappin, QuickBrowZer, 3 outputs PreOut, Remote Control .

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Product no.: SOAUR218

Car-radio MP3 Type: CD receiver • Display: Text, 1-line • Media: CD • Formats: MP3/WMA/AAC • Power: 4x 52W max • Tuner: RDS • Connectors: preamp output 2V, AUX-In (front) • Theft protection: detachable control panel • Special fea

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Product no.: KWAUR187

Bluetooth/MP3/WMA/AAC/USB Tuning - Reader.Display LCD FL. AM/FM Radio with RDS. Porta USB. 50W x 4 Power . Bluetooth vivavoce. » Tipology: Single DIN » Pre-Out Exit: 1 Pre-Out Exit » Type of Reader: Bluetooth/MP3/WMA/AAC/USB Tuning-Reader

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Product no.: KWAUR227

Bluetooth Car Stereo with USB and Aux. »Type: Single DIN car radio "Output Pre-Out: The radio has 1Pre-Out output. »Type of player: CD tuner, compatible CD-R and CD-RW, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA, SMARTPHONE.

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Product no.: MJAUR099

DVD/MPEG 4 Tuning- reader with monitor 7 TFT touch screen. Formality 16:9. Radio AM/FM/FM Stereo. Preselezioni 30 stations radio. Entry USB, SD/MMC. Remote control. Black color. » Typology: In-Dash Monitor » Pre-Out exit : 2 Pre-Out exits. » Reader's type: CD-MP3 Reader.

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Product no.: ASDIZ019

Speaker Built-round plan, speaker 7.5 cm polypropylene, power 10 W (max 20), efficiency 91 db / w, nominal impedance 8 ohms, dimensions 80 x 44 (width x depth), weight 0.75 kg, paintable white finish

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Product no.: IJDHF043

Pair of speakers daincasso two-way bass-reflex, very compact, suitable for hi-fi or home cinema. The particular shape of the box and the bracket make it easy wall mounting with different angles. »Type: Satellite speakers design "Number of Routes: 2-way crossover.

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Product no.: OODKS001

Onkyo announces a new kit 2.1 with the new algorithm developed by DTS Surround Sensation and Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD HR. " »Type of Speakers:      Kit foarmato from 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer. "Power:      Max power: 40 W per channel.

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Product no.: K5DIZ011


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Product no.: YADSF006

Active subwoofer with potenza130 Watt. Answered in frequency 30enza130 Watts. Woofer 16 cms. » Diameter of the Cone: The diameter of the cone is of 16 cms. Power : The musical power in exit is of 130tt watts.

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Product no.: JLSUB006

DETAILS GENERAL FEATURES Product description Product specifications Style name: S2-1224SS (12-inch subwoofer included) Model information Brand JBL Model K951119 Model name JBL Model year 2016 Item numberK951119 Components, peripherals Additional features Subwoofer included Components included Subwoofer Number of items 1 Supply Output power (watts) 1100 watts Wattage 275 watts Standards and interfaces Total USB ports 1 Form factor Subwoofer Product details Style name: S2-1224SS (12-inch subwoofer included) Dimensions and / or weight: 60 x 33 x 41.5 cm; 181 g Shipping Weight: 17.1 Kg

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Product no.: YADIZ001
A pair of recessed speakers, frequency response 65 Hz-28 kHz,impedance 8 ohms,Sensitivity 89 dB,60 Watt, grill included.White Color.
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Product no.: YADSF030

Yamaha introduces a series of diffusers of high quality and from the elegant design that offers the best reproduction of the actual sources in HD. These diffusers guarantee besides an excellent reproduction in high fidelity. » Diameter of the Cone: Diameter 20 cm » Power: The musical power in exit is of 1600 total W

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Product no.: JLDKS016

Home theater speaker system with 6 elements. DTS and Dolby Digital audio. 200W peak power. Speaker 2-way. 100W powered subwoofer. Black color. »Type of Speakers: Kit and Subwoofers "Power: Peak power input center 200 watts. Surround Speakers 160 Watts. Power 100W subwoofer.

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Product no.: LGDKS012

LG HOME THEATRE 3D BH6240S BLU-RAY DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS Surround Sound is an advanced sound system with 5 speakers and a woofer. With 5 speaker sound comes from five different directions,and it will be as clear and clean as you feel the protagonist. The most comfortable viewing experience in 3D is now possible. Equipped with the most advanced 3D technology, LG provides immersive 3D viewing experience with an even more clear and bright without any disturbance. Experience applications and entertainment streaming with LG Smart TV functions.

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Product no.: PIDKS015

Kit Diffusers 5.1. Kit - Maximum Power 150 W. Woofer cone from 7,7 Full Range. Bass-reflex subwoofer . Black color. » Type of Diffusers: Compact set of diffusion 5.1 with shelf diffusers Power: Maximum power 150 W. Subwoofer Power DIN of music 160W Peak / 100W.

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Product no.: JLDHF040

Pair of speakers feature a curved shape that allows you to place them horizontally or vertically against any type of surface. »Type: Bookshelf Speakers "Number of Ways: 2-way crossover.

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