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Product no.: GPEIN017

G-PAD Tom and Jerry - 40 activities all to play: with a color screen, the icons and the motion sensor makes the game even more fun! Age: 5 + years

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Product no.: AOECN001

New Wii Console in style with the 48 best games on the internal memory and lots of accessories included

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Product no.: GPEIN012

I Love Electronic Dance Mat - A set to learn to dance complete with electronic walkway, DVD with 60 minutes of lecture held by Jose Perez and the Magic Flip. Age: 3 + years

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Product no.: CMECN002

Sapientino Smart TV Plus - a true console to learn by playing: thanks to the included card you have 10 educational games with different levels of difficulty. Age: 3 + years

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Product no.: GPEIN016

G-PAD Hello Kitty - all 40 activities to play: with a color screen, the icons and the motion sensor makes the game even more fun! Age: 5 + years

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Product no.: GPIPT003

Spiderman - Electronic Pinball - Challenge your friends with Pinball Spiderman! Hit the ball and keep it from ever falling, who makes the most points wins! Age: 3 + years

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Product no.: GPEIN015

Storytelling Yano - Yano tells exciting stories by interacting with the child, who may choose from time to time how to continue the story! Age: 3 + years

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Product no.: M9EIN003

Fijit Willa - Fijit Interactive is the best friend: the girls can talk to, confide in and have fun, dancing to the rhythm of music! Age: 6 + years

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Product no.: OBEIN003

Carpet Duo Dancer Hello Kitty - live music with dance carpet of Hello Kitty.

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Product no.: ECNVB49236

Night Vision - A viewer with real infrared technology that allows you to see up to 15 feet away in total darkness. Age: 8 + years

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Product no.: SFGLSG011

Electronics Giant Globe Flipper with lights, sounds and legs - The classic giant pinball life to endless fun. Age: 3+ years

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Product no.: GPECN013

Sing You Music Party - It 'a perfect machine that allows you to sing karaoke on a lot of bases and compilation CD, as using the USB port, you can read MP3 files and MP3 + G Age: 6 + years

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