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Product no.: SIGRM001

Siku 0873- Air Combat SIKU 0873 Manufacturer: Siku - 504 Scale models Siku, 3 aircraft models Siku Description / Details: Model airplane / Scale:1:64/ color: gray / Recommended Age from: 3years / Series: Super SIKU

7.00 *
Product no.: M9GAM009

Shake and go Cars 2 - Finn McMissile - Straight from the new movie Cars 2 comes the secret agent Finn McMissile. Age: 4 + years

30.00 *
Product no.: GPGRN006

RollerKar R / C - The Mutant Diabolika: a three-wheeled vehicle remote-controlled aerodynamic and unstoppable in 1/10 scale. Age: 4 + years

40.00 *
Product no.: FPGAM001

Imaginext Batmobile - Turning the key on the back, the lights come on and the Batmobile snaps forward along up to 7 meters of road. Age: 3 + years

50.00 *
Product no.: GPGRN009

Lazer Stunt Chaser - Grab the remote control, point the laser beam on the floor and the machine automatically pursues him to the turbo speed .. Age: 4 + years

60.00 *
Product no.: M9GRN001

Cars 2 Mater Radio controlled - directly from the movie Disney Pixar Cars 2 Mater RC arrives that will entertain children with his incredible stunts. Age: 3 + years

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Product no.: M9GAM010

Lightning McQueen pilot of the sky - The fun takes flight! Lightning McQueen transforms from a car by plane: lights and sounds add excitement to the game. Age: 4 + years

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